It’s MEDIA PROJECT time – YAY!!!

The agony of choice... Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joeri van Veen via Compfight

Hi Level 4’s,

As you know we are about to embark on our Breakfast Cereal Media Project. I hope you have been thinking of new and unique breakfast cereal names. I will be giving you the project outline and informing you of your groups on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, time is limited to complete this project which means you will need to be really organised, focussed and consistently on task. Prior to Wednesday, you may like to do some mini market research – asking parents, siblings and friends what they would like in a new breakfast cereal.

Please bring in any empty cereal boxes you may have at home.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and getting started on this exciting project!

Mrs. Claxton.

Reading Assignment

Hi Everyone,

This term the Year 5/6′s are doing a reading assignment and we have until the end of term to do it.  It started in week 1 and it will finish in week 10.  For the task we are required to read 9 books in total, which consists of: 4 novels (fiction), 3 picture story books (fiction) and 2 information books (non-fiction).  After reading each book we have to complete an activity set for that type of book.

But before we even start reading the very first book we are required to create a database, in the database we must include the following information: the name of the author, illustrator  and publisher, publishing date, type of book, how long it took you to read it and a short evaluation afterwards.

The  activities for a novel are:

  •  to create a character web and a short paragraph describing the qualities the character has,
  •  to create a mini diorama which includes a foreground and background,
  • to make a dust cover for your book and
  • to find some dialogue that is in the novel that records a conversation that explains something that has happened.

We can only do one for each novel and can’t repeat the same activity for a different novel.

We get to choose what books we want to read  but they can’t be too easy for us to read, we have to try to challenge ourselves.

Tell me what you think about the assignment, do you like it or not?

What are you opinions or wonderings?

Class Meeting 2/8/13

Hello everyone,

This year we have been focusing on class meetings in a different way than what we were use to.  We have been looking at problems and interesting topics in the world.  Sometimes it may not be a problem, it might just be something we have different opinions on. We have a recorder and a chairperson and we change them every week.

Chairperson: Emily           Recorder: Marie 


We do class meetings to help our confidence since we are talking to one another about our opinions.   Also we do class meetings to learn more about the world’s problems or things that we have/haven’t heard of on the news, magazines and newspaper.   We also need to make sure that we respond to other people’s comments in a respectful way and can ask questions to find out more on the topic.  The chair person runs the meeting and the recorder videos or types the opinions brought up.  Sometimes our meetings are on a Thursday and other times it’s Friday.

Today’s two topics were:     1. Do Royals get too much attention?                       2.Should children under 14 go to jail/juvenile detention?

These are some notes from our discussion:


  • Many people in our class agreed that they got too much attention and shouldn’t have cameras on them 24/7.
  • Many people in our class believed that it was important to have important news like the birth of King George.  ‘Everyone likes updates on things and enjoy reading about the royal family in magazines and newspapers’.
  • Others believed that the birth of baby George, the future King, had too much attention and even though he was born into the Royal family there are lots of other babies that are being born and are important too.


  • Many people in our class believed that children under 14 who commit a crime should have a warning/police record and then go to jail if they repeat the crime.
  • Others believed that they should go into jail straight away and have some time to think about their action like in ‘time out’.
  • A few class members brought up the concern of the children becoming criminals in the future and thought it was important for them to have a consequence.
  • Many class members brought up the importance of helping these children and how police officers do try and help them.


Do you have class meetings?

If you do, what do you have a meeting about?

How is your class meeting structured?

Do you have a chairperson and a recorder?

Would you like to try a class meeting if  you’ve  never tried one?

By Marie